God’s Plan For Our Life During Change


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“Is that so?” Retorted Pharaoh. “I do not know the Lord, and I will not let Israel go.”
~ Exodus 5: 2 NLT

In this verse I see a stubborn, cocky man who is stuck in his ways. He knew of the Lord but he did not have a relationship with Him. You see, Moses was called out and chosen to save the nation of Israel and right before this extremely sarcastic comment that Pharaoh made, Moses had asked him to free the people so that they can go worship God.

I can just picture it in my head… Pharaoh, a wealthy ruler who could do whatever he wanted with his head high and intimidation blaring as he stood above a Shepard counted as nothing at all in the land of Egypt.

I can see him sneering at Moses, thinking to himself maybe even saying it out loud, “who do you think you are?”.  Pretty awful right?

Here’s the kicker… The way that Pharaoh acted can sometimes come out in me. 

When life is going wrong and things don’t seem to go my way,  I am that girl that is very real with God and will stick up my fist and say, “You shouldn’t be doing this!” 

When my husband doesn’t do something right, this hot headed woman can easily overwhelm the poor man and get all righteous.  It’s not intentional but my sinful nature just comes out sometimes. I can sit here and pretend to be the Moses in this thing we call life but sometimes I am not.

I am the sinner.
I am the cocky, yet insecure little girl that wants to do things my way.
I know the Lord, yet I don’t want to give my situation to Him.

Where does that get me? ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE.

The cool part of this is that even though Pharaoh was stubborn, Moses was persistent and the people did end up going free it just caused a lot of destruction to the land of Egypt in the process. 

In the same way the Lord is persistent with me too. He drags me kicking and screaming, never leaving my side. When I am finally done with my little tantrum of bad choices and mistakes, He is still there and His plan for my life never changed.

As I go through a season of completely unknown I am learning to have grace with myself and I am remembering that even though I can’t see it, The Lord is at work in my life. Friend, I hope you know I am praying this over you too.

What we do doesn’t define how God sees us. In the midst of chaos and change it’s so good to know that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13:8.)

~ Lovelle ❤


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