God’s path isn’t always pretty. It’s full of scrapes, bruises, and blemishes. We are guaranteed to fall down but how we get up is another story in itself.

I once held the title of, “unwanted” and “abused” Adopted at the age of 21 I gained the title “daughter” and so much more. Slowly, I am learning what living really means. I am pursuing the path. Sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Most of the time it’s while I am wearing workout pants and no makeup. My accessories include dark eyes, dry shampoo and a cold cup of coffee that I have reheated at least 3 times.

I am a mom to Eula, our huge great dane Layla, and whatever foster kiddos come through our door. I am a wife to my amazing husband David, a daughter to Mark and Holley and a mentor to a bunch of teenagers. I believe that every second gives us an opportunity to show God’s goodness. Every mundane thing we do matters.


Pictured above: My tribe consisting of My husband David, Mom, Dad, Dog, and daughter Eula who was born 4 years to the day that I got adopted. She is named after her great-great grandma from my momma’s side and her middle name, “Ellen” was passed down from my momma’s side of the family. Her story in itself is one of God’s redemptive faithful ways.


My hope is that when you read my words, you find encouragement as you pursue God’s path for you. Sometimes it looks like folding laundry. Other times it looks like working overtime and ordering takeout a lot. Every season is different for everyone and all of it matters. Whatever position, title, or path you are on I hope you feel welcome here.

I hope my words provide encouragement and a reminder that where you are is enough and where God is taking you will be even better.

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