The Not So Picture Perfect Dream

Work For Our Dreams

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When we were celebrating my husband’s birthday, our original plans of having someone bake the cake went out the window so I ended up having to make it. Cake decorating is easy, right?

As I strolled through the grocery store aisle picking out the frosting, I could picture the gorgeous cake I would make for my husband. The picture in my head looked like it came from a Southern Cooking magazine. I got the cake baked and started frosting it, believing whole heartedly that deep down I had mad cake decorating skills.

I believed that until I saw the finished results. The cake I spent an hour trying to decorate looked like a five-year old decorated it. Actually, I am pretty sure a five-year old could do better than I did. 

When I gave it to my husband I had a pretty disappointed look on my face to say the least. Why couldn’t I do it? I tried! It should have come out the way I planned it in my head, right?

I feel like our dreams kind of go like that sometimes.

We see this pretty picture of how we want things to go, we try a little, and then when we see the finished result we get REALLY disappointed when it doesn’t go like we pictured it. We forget that dreams don’t come easy.

We have to work for them and sometimes we have to work at it for a long time. I don’t know one successful person that has achieved their dream on the first try. Are you seeing a certain “picture” in a dream that you are chasing? Is it not going your way?

Remember, even well-known photographers have to take quite a few shots to get the “perfect one.” Keep at it because you will get there and all the work you put into it will make you appreciate it that much more.

~ Lovelle ❤

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