The Right Kind of Busy

The Right Kind of Busy

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I have a to confess something… Not having anything to do scares me which is why I had a mini heart attack when I recently changed jobs and went from full-time to part-time. Whenever I see a need I immediately want to jump in and help.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I am learning that it’s important to stay busy doing the work God has asked me to do personally. If I am not spending my time working on things He wants me to work on then I am missing out on His plan for my life and potentially taking someone else’s job away from them..

The fact is, I am not Superwoman. I need to have priorities. Helping isn’t bad but sometimes the adversary can distract me from doing what God really wants by keeping me occupied in areas I don’t belong. God has given me certain gifts and I need to use them wisely.

Have there been times in your life where you have been “the wrong kind of busy?” What was the result? How did you get past it? The wonderful thing about mistakes, is that we can always learn them and try harder the next time. I am so thankful for a patient God and His unending grace.

~ Lovelle

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