When the Weight of Life Sets In

Joy In the Morning

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Since I haven’t been successful at lifting weights on my own, I have dragged myself out of bed twice a week to attend a Weight Class that begins at 5:30am for the past few months. Every morning when the alarm blares in my ear, I find myself struggling to get out of the warm and comfy covers that are holding me captive.

This class is an hour of torture and I’m pretty sure the only thing that gets me through it is the promise that in a certain amount of time, I can put the weights down and go grab a nice, hot, cup of coffee. After all, who really enjoys getting up that early and being tortured?

It stinks so much at the time but the moment I put those weights down every bit of struggle I had to go through during that class makes it totally worth it, not to mention the changes I see in my muscles through perseverance and consistency.

Life is like a weight class. The struggle is real.

Every day we battle with things the advisory throws at us and at times, we want to run the other way or hide under the covers because lifting the weight seems almost impossible. Sleeping in and ignoring what our soul needs seems like the easiest route sometimes, but if we stick through the situation and depend on God, He will take our  bad situations and make us stronger. 

Today I am giving you full permission to flex those amazing muscles of yours because you’re equipped and ready. Not because you are capable.. None of us can do it on our own.

You are ready because you have the strength of the God of heaven’s armies on your side fighting for you.

~ Lovelle

3 thoughts on “When the Weight of Life Sets In

  1. Sylvia Rodriguez

    Thank you.  I needed to read those words.  God bless you and yours including your running partner.

    In Christ, Sylvia Rodriguez



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