Video: The Purpose in Our Wilderness Moments

I’m finally back to posting videos! This week I am going to expand on my last blog post which highlights this verse:

“So God led them in a roundabout way through the wilderness toward the Red Sea. Thus the Israelites left Egypt like an army ready for battle”
~ Exodus 13:18

In this video I am going to talk about:
* Exodus 13:18
* The Israelites
* How God provided for them in their wilderness
*How we can learn from our struggles
*How their is hope in your current wilderness

~ Lovelle ❤

{Subscribers if you can’t see the video click here}

P.S. If you need a speaker for the upcoming year I would love to chat with you about it. You can find me here. I hope to hear from you soon!

6 thoughts on “Video: The Purpose in Our Wilderness Moments

  1. Karen Moore

    Thank you for your very beautiful written and spoken words of encouragement. I pray that you continue to find hope and strength during this time of transition in your life.

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  2. Claire

    Thank you so much for the inspiration and encouragement. I have been meaning to comment ever since your previous blogpost. Even though I don’t know any of the details of your job search, I can guarantee that the true loss is for those who declined to hire you, and their loss will be your gain when God leads you toward an even better opportunity. You have so many gifts to offer; I’m sure He will use you to help others and be fulfilled in the process.

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    1. Lovelle Gerth-Myers Post author

      Thank you so much for your encouragement Claire! That means the world. Really, this is just a normal thing all college kids go through (or so I am reminding myself). I needed this reminder that God’s plan will come to pass. You are a blessing 🙂


  3. Cheryl Smith

    Dear, sweet Lovelle! I cannot tell you how deeply your precious words affected me today! I remember this story, but had completely forgotten it in the perplexing trial my family and I are currently walking through. I needed to hear this SO badly, and it was as if GOD spoke right through you to my confused heart and let me know that there IS indeed a purpose in what He is doing in our lives right now. I just feel led to tell you that your personal wilderness is not being wasted. I don’t know what all is going on in your life, but if you had not had the time and been in a position to do this video/blog, I would not have found the answer for what I need right now. God is using you “in the meantime”…in this waiting period. Please don’t ever feel that you are not accomplishing something great for Him….you truly, truly reached my soul today, and I cannot thank God enough or you enough for being faithful in what may have seemed “little” to you. This is my first visit here…I found you through Holley’s post, as I went there to do the link-up this morning. I am SO grateful to have met you today. May God’s richest blessings rest continually upon you and your life and ministry. YOU are making a wonderful difference…thank you for being faithful.

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