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Update: I’m Changing Some Things!

If you have visited my blog recently then you have probably noticed that things are a little different. The pretty sunflower is gone and the layout is replaced by a boring one. As depressing as it is, I’ve got some amazing news! It won’t be like that forever…


I’ve had this secret for a while but I wanted it to be a surprise. I feel like Mentos inside of a bottle of diet coke! I think I just might explode with excitement… I am in the process of rebranding my blog thanks to the amazing Lisa Larson from The Copper Anchor. I am so honored to be teaming up with this fabulous and talented woman and I am even more excited for the changes that are coming soon. Thank you for your patience! Just like any situation life brings, God has an awesome way of making beauty in our messes.

~Lovelle ❤

My Lesson From a Homeless Woman

She pushes a shopping on the sidewalk of a busy road with a torn jacket that doesn’t look very insulated in the thirty degree weather. Written all over her face is sadness.

You don’t have to look very long to see that this woman has had a hard life. 

Suddenly, her face lights up and she looks down at a little dog in the front of her worn out shopping cart with a smile. As I observe the situation I see the dog with a nice collar dressed a pretty sweater and the dog is wagging her tail with excitement.

Unlike all the people in the cars driving by, who didn’t even glance at the woman for a second, the dog looked at the woman with adoration and love.

As the light turned green, we continued on our way, and the woman disappeared behind the miles ahead of me but what I had witnessed in those couple of minutes taught me something.

Just like that dog, I want to look at people with the love and adoration. I want my life to be the hands and feet of Jesus and I want to do whatever I can to tend for his sheep.

Beauty in everyone

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That may mean giving a simple smile to a woman who was obviously ignored or possibly even donating some of my clothes to those who go without.

It could be opening up my heart, having a shoulder to cry on, and an ear that will just sit in silence and listen.

It’s funny to me that you could see that beautiful woman lived without so much, but when she smiled, you could see peace and contentment.

Contentment is learned not earned, and you could see that is how that woman lived her life.

Never disregard your surroundings because sometimes those who are counted as nothing, can provide us with the most important lessons.

God is Holding You Up in the Muddy Water

When my fiance David was three years old he went to the pond with his grandfather. The pond wasn’t very clean in fact, It was so muddy that you couldn’t see the bottom even though it was only a couple of feet below the water.

Like most three-year old kids, David became curious about the pond and he wanted to go closer to the water.  David took his hand away from his grandfathers safe grip and moved his little feet closer to the edge of the pond. The consequences of his curiosity hadn’t crossed his mind.

Those rational thoughts were clouded by curiosity and unfortunately his coordination wasn’t very good. David had stepped a little too close and lost his balance. His little feet fell out from under him and he slipped into the dirty water below.

As he stood up in the water he began to cry hysterically, because he was wet and muddy and gross. Before he took those steps, he was clean but now, he was stuck in the muddy water and was immersed in filth.

When David’s grandfather saw him crying, he didn’t pull him out. Instead, he selflessly jumped in, walked to David, and held that little boy with his strong and protective arms. He softly whispered words of peace and wisdom into David’s ear until he calmed down.

Only then, when David had relaxed, did his grandfather carry him to the edge of the pond and help him out.

I think in life we get things mixed up. We naturally assume that God is here to take us out of our filth, but we forget that when it comes down to it, He is in the filth with us. The selflessness that Jesus had on the cross  when he took on our sin is a perfect example of that.

Muddy Waters

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 Just like David’s grandfather, Jesus disregards our sin and steps into our situation because sometimes, we aren’t supposed to be rescued from our filth. Sometimes the dirtiness is a learning point that we need to grow closer to Him.

It’s in the nastiest moments that we can feel God’s presence most… ❤

The House That Built Me

It’s four am and I can’t sleep.

As I look at the bags piled up by the door tears begin to run down my cheeks and the realization of what’s to come floods my mind and emotions begin to fill my heart.

Today is the day that I leave the nest.

Today is the day I leave my home.

I remember the day I moved in like it was yesterday. The memories of this place will be forever etched in my mind because my home was my birthday present from Jesus. After three years of moving constantly, thirteen times to be exact, my prayer was answered.

I walked through the doors with a trash bag full of belongings and a painful past that followed me everywhere I went. I had never lived in a place that didn’t use the words, “this is my house!” and wherever I went I walked on eggshells.

I lived in constant fear that I would be kicked out. When I moved in I realized that here I was safe. I was loved and taken care of and the best part was that no one would take that away.

I made memories and had tender moments with many precious women. Sometimes, I laughed so hard I cried. I found community and I learned how to trust. It was here that I moved past the mindset that the only way to get through life was to survive.

My home taught me what grace is. I learned that I am good enough and I don’t need to earn peoples love. It was here I faced my fears, and I stopped running from my problems.

It was in these sacred walls that I found healing. 

I feel like I’m on top of a mountain succeeding after a long hard climb. I can take a deep breath because it’s going to be okay.

I have survived.

I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t scared of what’s to come. Life seems so uncertain still, and at times, it’s still hard to accept the fact that I am loved. One thing that I know for sure is that God is here and He will guide me in the unknown.

House that built me

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Home is where the healing is and Saving Grace will forever be the house that built me.

God Will Sustain

She opens her Kindle and reads a passage from a devotional. Once she is finished she grasps one of my hands and signals for my dad to join in. He comes and stands beside me. In unison they bow their heads and begin to pray.

First my mom, and then my dad. Their soft and gentle words fill my ears with peace and contentment.

These past few weeks I’ve seen my mom and dad go through so much. I’ve seen them experience loss, pain, and stress. Despite every situation they encounter,  I see them walk through it with grace and beauty.

In every situation that is encountered, they take time to step back, process, and look to God the maker of heaven and earth.


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That moment with my parents is something I will never forget because I learned a very valuable lesson.

Through their example, I learned what endurance really means.

Endurance is being brave enough to express your emotions. It is admitting that you are weak because we can’t get through this life on our own.

Only through God can we succeed.

Endurance means digging into your word, even when your emotions say “no”.

It’s bowing your head and surrendering your day to God because ultimately, he is the one in control.

The world says endurance is doing it on your own, but the bible tells us endurance is through God. His power is shown through our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Endurance is not about us, It’s about Him. Remember that you are enduring when you fix your eyes on him.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

I’m sitting on the couch in my yoga pants curled up in a blanket. I can’t seem to find the energy to move and I don’t want to. 

I’m depressed and aggravated. I feel like i’m in a fog, unable to see what’s ahead. The plan for my life has become so uncertain.

I’m upset that I don’t know what to do and that in the midst of all of the changes in my life, I’m not reacting the way I should be.

It’s easy for me to tell myself that God knows the plans he has for me, but believing it is another story.

I know the phrase very well. It’s embedded in my mind.

That phrase is everywhere I go.

I can see it in the bible. The verse is so popular that it’s branded on millions of coffee cups and T-shirts all over the world.

 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.
~Jeremiah 29:11

God may know my plans, but that doesn’t give me peace.

I’m angry at myself because I should be happy and free from stress. I should be rejoicing in my situation because God loves me enough to be in charge of my life.

That’s how Christians are supposed to react right?

It's Okay

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Sometimes peace isn’t in God’s plans. If you continue reading past verse 11 in Jeremiah you will find a powerful statement that makes that scripture completely different than the one that is seen by the world.

 In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. I will be found by you,” says the Lord. “I will end your captivity and restore your fortunes. I will gather you out of the nations where I sent you and will bring you home again to your own land.”
~Jeremiah 29:12-14

Being in a bad mood doesn’t make me a bad person. It makes me human and it’s completely normal. In fact, God expects it and he promises to end the fear that holds me captive as long as I listen and search for him with all my heart.

When I look to him, I will find him.

I don’t have to be aggravated anymore for being uncertain of my future.

It’s okay to hide under the covers and run away from the world when life gets overwhelming.

The world may tell me otherwise, but it’s okay to be aggravated at God because no matter what he knows my feelings. My father loves it when I’m transparent.

Peace of mind is not of this world (John 14:27). It’s a gift from God and sometimes, it takes a little bit of seeking God to find it.

As you walk through this day I encourage you to remember that God sees and knows your feelings.

It’s okay to not be okay.

It’s okay to be fearful.

It’s okay to be confused and depressed.

It’s in the Heavenly Father that you can find rest.

He sees you where you are right here and right now. He sees you in your yoga pants, depressed without a smile.

He is in the midst of the fog calling out your name. He promises to guide you, and it doesn’t matter what your reaction or mood is in the situation, He still loves you the same.

Through Jesus You Are Redeemed

The breeze can be felt and the end of the summer is right around the corner. She sits in front of me pouring out her words of wisdom. As we talk about my growth this summer we begin to dive into one of the biggest areas I still need to work on… Interaction with my peers.

“I’m never going to be like my peersI have a different view of things. My life will never be happy-go-lucky” I say.

She looks at me with her wise and gentle eyes, and says a powerful statement,

“Don’t say that. God can redeem you.”

I see an epidemic in this culture and it breaks my heart. 

Girls that have a broken past don’t find true healing. Instead, they mask the pain and heartache with a happy face and a stature that tells the world, “I’m just fine.”

They hide themselves behind excuses like, “Nothing’s going to change” and “My past has made me this way“.


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Those thoughts used to captivate me.

I would walk around with a feeling of inferiority, making excuses for my pain. I was always hiding behind a past that I didn’t want anyone to see.

Occasionally, if someone looked at my actions close enough, they could see the results of my unresolved issues.

The results could be seen through the awkwardness I felt around my peers. They could be seen through my constant need to be in total control of my life.

For so long, I hid behind my “christian” facade.

I would tell others  God had redeemed my past, yet I wouldn’t let him redeem my future.

I would make excuses for thoughts and actions that were associated with my past. I would say that those actions were okay because they had made me who I am.

I was wrong. My past didn’t make me. God did.

I am so thankful God sent me that wonderful woman this summer. I will never forget those wise words she spoke that day when she called me out for the lies I had been telling myself for so long.

I know now that when Jesus took on pain for our healing, He didn’t do it so that we could be healed partially.

I believe that when Jesus was tortured to death on that cross for you and for me, He sacrificed Himself so that we could be healed completely.

Beautiful girl, you are made in his image, You are precious in his eyes. I know what it’s like to hide behind excuses and man-made lies. SO STOP! God can free you from the bondage of your past. Christ came to set you free, so let Him. Remember that your past can be redeemed but your future can too.

When God set’s you free, your past no longer effects you.

Shine Your Light With Pride

I’ve always been a little odd. In high school I was considered weird to the other kids. I had a serious face with a mentality to survive. I didn’t wear the latest outfits; in fact, at one point in time, my weight loss caused my clothes to be two sizes too big.

My clothes were secondhand. I became the expert of improvisation because I couldn’t afford to replace anything. I found cheap ways to get by, and yes, duct tape was one of my favorite ways to do that. Between being overweight, having ugly outfits, and having no knowledge on how to interact with my peers, I was bullied frequently.

I remember those whispers through the halls as I walked to class. I remember being a social outcast.

I acted like I didn’t care what people thought, but deep within my heart, I had a desire to fit in and a longing to be accepted by my peers.

If I could go back in time to the sixteen-year-old “me”, there’s one thing I would say, and I know it would change everything:


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I know now that I am perfect just the way I am. I am loved by a God who knit me together, and designed me. I am a work of art, I am made perfect in his eyes and he didn’t mess up when he made me. If had known those things in high school, my time there would have been so much better.

I remember crying out to God because of my shame. Every time I looked at myself in the mirror, I was disgusted because I didn’t fit the image of those around me. But those experiences didn’t happen in vain.

I stood out. I was different.

I look back at those moments now and I realize that even then, in my broken state, I was made to shine God’s light.

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way that you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.
~Romans 2:12

To the person reading this who is full of shame because you don’t fit in, let it go! Shame isn’t God, and you are made to be this way. If you were here with me right now, I would wrap you into the biggest hug I could possibly give. I would open up my bible and show you scriptures (there are so many in there) that remind you that you, my friend, are His. You don’t fit in because you were made for so much more. His plan for you is to fit His image, not the world’s. So as you walk through this day, remember who you are in Him. You are transformed, renewed, and you are made perfect in God’s image.

You weren’t made to fit in, you were made to stand out.

The True Definition of Leadership

I have seen plenty of leaders in my lifetime…

I have seen ones that lift you up, encourage you, and help you to become your best.

I’ve seen leaders that dehumanize you. They say hateful things that knock down your self-esteem in attempts to force you to submit to their authority.

I’ve seen ones that genuinely care about you, make you better, and really push you to succeed.

But sadly, I’ve also seen leaders who take advantage of their position, and the purpose of the organization becomes lost; the organization is no longer a” we”, instead, it’s a “me”.

I am thankful for my experiences with leadership because it has taught me what kind of leader I should be. 

For the longest time I was taught that leadership meant submitting to an authority, even if they were wrong in their actions. But now I know how that this is not the way it is meant to be.

A good leader is a servant. The higher their position, the more they should be willing to serve.

A leader is respectful, caring, kind, and approachable. They are open-minded and humble in everything they do. They can respectfully and professionally resolve conflicts. A leader knows what not to say, when to walk away, and when to speak up.

A leader looks to God when making decisions, not themselves, and not Man.

I’ve always known that I was a leader, but until recently I didn’t really know what that involved. Through a lot of prayer, and good and bad situations, I have learned my purpose in my leadership role.


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I am here to do what’s right and to stand up for the truth. I am here to remain humble and speak up for those who can’t do it themselves.

I’m here to lift people up with encouragement, not knock them down. My words are not a weapon. They are an instrument of healing. 

As a leader, I am not above anyone else. I am simply a tool used in doing God’s will. Although I make mistakes, God teaches me to improve everyday. The most important thing that I have learned about leadership is that it is a gift from God, and it should be used as such.

Be Still

As a runner with a goal-driven mentality being on the go is an understatement. Rarely does anyone find me sitting around. Between work, school, and various obligations I tend to find myself with a full plate and until recently I didn’t find anything wrong with that. As ashamed as I am to admit it, I never really thought about including God in what I chose to do. I thought that if I was being a good example and serving him then I was good.

God showed me how wrong I was by taking charge of one of the most important aspects in my life… MY JOB.

Since the age of 17 a job was a necessity and to be honest, it was my security. I knew that if I didn’t work, I couldn’t support myself so I took charge and always made sure I was employed.

Everything else in my life was chaos and out of control, but my job,  well that was one thing that always felt safe and secure and I loved it.

I loved going to work every day knowing that I was a hard worker  and that I wouldn’t be let go. I gained my identity in my job title. I loved the fact that in the hard life I was forced to endure, there was one thing I had control over and I did whatever I could to make sure that it stayed that way.

Be Still

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 I am learning through my internship what being still means. It means waiting on God to open doors and walking away from the ones he doesn’t want me to go through. It means being okay with the unknown and enjoying my job day by day.

Being still isn’t taking charge of a situation, it’s simply waiting on the Lord to reveal His next steps.

I feel like a little child that is learning how to walk. My little hands are holding on to God’s strong fingers for balance. As I look up at him with fearful eyes, afraid of my future, and not sure which steps to take, I see his gentle and loving eyes looking down at me.

He whispers ever so softly, “Daughter, I’ve got you. I won’t let you fall. I know which steps to take.”

I have this verse written on a chalkboard at my desk as a constant reminder. On those days when my mind is filled with worry, I can just look to this verse. At this point I have no idea where I will be working in a month, let alone a year but one thing I know for sure is that God’s plans will prevail.

When God said, “I know the plans  I have for you”  I believe that He meant it so I’m going to be still and wait on Him.

The best is yet to come… ❤