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The Real Meaning of Christmas


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I LOVE Christmas. I love the lights, the tree’s, and I really enjoy making my house look festive. I love the snow, and how the holidays somehow bring everyone closer together.

Christmas is a time to reflect and thank God for the greatest gift we have ever received, but this season of “reflection” is soooo busy. As I celebrate my daughters first Christmas surrounded by friends and family- I want to always remember the real reason for the season.

Beyond the gifts, amazing food, and pretty decorations, there is a story greater than any that’s ever been told. A story about a God who loved us from the very beginning and somehow seemed to see past our faults.  A God who had one son that He sacrificed so that we could be made whole.

He gave us a gift that’s greater than anything we could ever ask or receive. Jehovah, Yahweh, King of Kings, came down from Heaven and took on our sins so that we could be closer to God. Jesus is the perfect example of true selflessness.

I never want to be too busy to remember that. I never want my daughter to see me too busy to remember that. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas that is full of fun, love, and laughter but I pray that as you surround yourself with your loved ones, you also find time to put down the to-do lists and travel plans for even just a few minutes to reflect on the true meaning and God’s love for you.

~ Lovelle ❤

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The Christmas Present That Matters

God's Gift

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I don’t remember the exact day, but I certainly remember the moment. I was homeless on a cold winter evening crying my eyes out to my grandma in my 1993 Chevy Cavalier.

I was sick of life being so hard. I didn’t ask for abuse, pain, or misery but it seemed like it followed me everywhere. 

As I got off the phone with my grandma, who promised to figure something out so that I didn’t have to sleep in my car, I got a call from a friend telling me that her mother felt like God wanted them to let me live in their home.

I will never forget that moment… In a matter a few minutes I went from being homeless to having a home. In that moment I realized just how big God was and how He can provide in even the most dire circumstances.

Late that year I celebrated my first Christmas and the holidays had a completely different meaning than they had ever had before. That Christmas I realized that Jesus was really the best gift of all.

That was five years ago and it’s something I will never forget. I am so thankful God plucked me out of my brokenness. He was the first person to ever see something good in me and He gave me hope.

He gave me a purpose. He gave me parents and an amazing husband. Everything that was taken from me, God redeemed.

I don’t know about you, but as I celebrate my first Christmas married, and enjoy my new parents I will rejoice in the most important gift that I never deserved… My salvation. God’s presence in my life.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas… 🙂

~ Lovelle ❤