Here I am Lord Use Me

Use Me

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Two girls sit down on the couch with a cup of coffee and reminisce about life. They talk about how they both expected to be in completely different places. Both equally determined and hard working individuals who are in completely different life stages. So different, yet so similar. They relate to one another and acknowledge that a healing cup of coffee and the simple words, “This isn’t where I wanted to be” is good for the soul.

One girl is married with a child on the way. The last day at her “job” is only a few short days away. Never in a million years did this girl expect to be a stay at home mom. She loved working outside of the home and still has that desire but in this season, it isn’t financially possible. The thought of working to pay for daycare and missing out on all of her child’s milestones just isn’t worth it to her, and it isn’t what God has called her to do. 

The other girl is single and is a blessing to everyone she she comes into contact with. She has a heart for others and a strong desire for community. Her Friday evenings are typically spent socializing with friends, unlike the married woman who typically stays at home watching Netflix with her husband. She thought she would be married by now with one or two kids. Instead she’s single. Even though she’s pretty social, that longing for a husband still pops up every once in a while and sometimes it’s hard to ignore. Even in the middle of a social engagement.

Two girls with polar opposite lives and yet, they still manage to be close friends. They both thought they would be walking in the other persons shoes. They lift their coffee cup up to heaven and say confidently, “Where you have me right now is enough.” They refuse to believe the lie that each other’s “job” or stage of life is more important. Titles mean nothing in the kingdom of heaven. Instead they refill their cups and hug each other. They talk about God’s faithfulness in their lives and are reminded that He will continue to be just as faithful.

Life is full of bittersweet seasons. You know, the ones where you are excited for what’s ahead but sad that it didn’t look the way you wanted. Maybe you’re even scared and afraid that you aren’t qualified to do the task God has asked you to do. I’m learning that it’s okay to feel that way sometimes. It doesn’t make me a horrible person and it doesn’t mean I love God any less.

This I do know: The Lord is faithful and His plans for our lives are better than we can ever imagine. In the moments of confusion, happiness, and even when I feel sad because something didn’t go the way I thought it would I will find a friend, grab a cup of coffee, and confidently say, “Here I am Lord use me.” 

~ Lovelle ❤

3 thoughts on “Here I am Lord Use Me

  1. Bernadine

    I really needed to hear this! I’m in one of those seasons right now, Trying to figure out what God has for me next, since I’m no longer able to work. I would love to minister to other women who are going through similar situations that I’m through but right now I have days where I can barely function because of chronic medical issues. I feel isolated, even though I have a loving and supportive husband. Just pray that God will give that answer.

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    1. Lovelle Gerth-Myers Post author


      I totally get it. Not your exact circumstance but I️ get it. It’s so hard sometimes. Like you, I’m trying to find purpose in the mundane. In the confusion and the, “why’s?”. Changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry isn’t always fulfilling. Especially when most of the time the only adult voices I hear are from podcasts, Netflix, and the Hallmark movies. You try to be content in the season God has placed you in and you try to stay confident that He knows what He’s doing but it’s not always easy. God has the answer for you. Everything you are going through right now is preparation for how He’s going to use you. He’s not done with you. I want you to look in the mirror every day and say that. At times you may feel forgotten and washed up but that’s not what God sees. In His timing he will reveal His next assignment for you and in a year from now you will look back at this season with clear eyes and understanding. Know that I’m praying for you and your chronic medical issues. I’m praying for strength, guidance, and perseverance as you walk this season of wilderness. ❤


  2. Trudy Den Hoed

    “Where you have me right now is enough.” These words especially grabbed me, Lovelle. Due to chronic lung disease, there are limitations to where I can go or what I can do. I’m mostly inside, especially in the cold winter months. Often when my heart wants to do something, my body says “no” or rebels when I push myself to do it anyway. But step by step, God is showing me it’s enough right where I am. He helps me to minister hope to hurting souls through my blog. And because of past abuse and through this chronic illness, I have more compassion and empathy than I would have without them. Thank you for this encouragement! Love and hugs to you and blown kisses to your little one!



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