Believing God is Not Limited

Birthday Present
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I remember it like it was yesterday… Two years ago on this day I was holding a giant birthday cake at my local Boys and Girls club. I had given a speech to some kiddos and because it was my 21st birthday, they decided to celebrate with me.

This woman I had grown close to attended my speech. I didn’t really understand why she came, because no one ever came to my events but I didn’t object. As I sat there holding a cake that said, “happy birthday Lovelle” this woman with the most gentle spirit and beautiful smile looked at me and said, “Mark and I want to be your parents.” 


In that moment, I felt worthy and wanted for the first time. To this day, I still think it’s the greatest birthday present God has ever given me. What can I say, It’s pretty hard to top getting parents. 

Every year, I look back at that moment and I am reminded that we serve a God who knows no limits. If you have read any of my posts lately, you will see that I am in sort of a wilderness and i’ve been tempted to just give up and settle on the dreams God has laid on my heart.

At times it’s hard to see Him working in the background but today I want to encourage you to keep pressing forward because God doesn’t waste anything. If He puts a dream on your heart, it will come to pass. It may take over ten years like it did for my parents, or 21 years like it did for me but the wait will be worth it.

~ Lovelle ❤

24 thoughts on “Believing God is Not Limited

  1. Sylvia Rodriguez

    You are a blessing, and your teachings are God appointed. Keep on sharing as it is producing fruit.
    I am always happy to read a praise report. As Christians, your struggles are my struggles and your happiness is my happiness.

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  2. Lisa Pilkington

    I just love hearing the story of your adoption – it warms my heart completely. When you pop up in my in box I’m so happy because you’re writing is so real and from the heart. Keep up the good work Lovelle, you’re delightful.

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  3. Trudy Den Hoed

    “A God who knows no limits.” I love that, Lovelle. Happy Birthday and Happy Adoption Day! I first read about your adoption through your mom’s blog. A tear-jerker story, for sure. I’m sooo glad God brought you all together. 🙂

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  5. Donna Reidland

    Lovelle, what a beautiful sweetness you exude! It’s in your smile and in your words! Thanks for sharing your story. I look forward to sharing your blog with someone I know who I know will be blessed by hearing your testimony. Blessings!

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  6. Tara Ulrich

    Lovelle, thank you for sharing your story. I am single woman in her late 30s who desires deeply to be a wife and mom. I went to an adoption/foster care meeting last night. It has been something that has been on my heart and mind. You are indeed blessed!

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    1. Lovelle Gerth-Myers Post author

      Thanks for your vulnerability Tara and your heart. I am praying for you. I’m so glad you are thinking about adopting/ foster care! That is a cause that is deep in my heart and something I plan on doing one day. Keep me updated!


  7. Marta ALTHEIDE

    Lovelle, Wow! My son 23, and I want to adopt Tristan, 11 and Evan 10. My husband is not at all for it. So agree with me in prayer, God will soften his heart, so we can open our home to older children, that most will not adopt. A Saving Grace Home, would also be a blessing.
    God will make a way.

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    1. Lovelle Gerth-Myers Post author

      Thanks for the comment Martia! I am believing in prayer. We serve a God of the impossible and a God who desires what’s best for His children. I love your heart and I am praying for you!


  8. Carolyn Simmons

    I was touched by your testimony. Like what you said about serving a God of the impossible. God has kept my brother alive after a car accident 30 years ago that he wasn’t suppose to survive. The last 3 years he has been in hospital. They want to put him in nursing home where he can’t survive. God, who has performed miracles, can resolve this, because with God ALL things are possible.

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    1. Lovelle Gerth-Myers Post author

      Thank you for your sweet words Carolyn. I’m sorry to hear all of this it must be a hard thing to go through. I am in awe of your faith in our Creator and admire your outlook. God is a good God. I’m praying for you!


  9. Debbie

    What a great story! I’ve never thought about someone being adopted at 21 but as I think about all the years I’ve had with my own mother ( she is 80 now) I realize the tremendous journey we have had in all the years since I turned 21 ( am now 58!) She has been such a blessing and like a spiritual lighthouse to me all those years. I hope you and Holley will have as many blessed years as you journey through life together as Mom and daughter.

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    1. Lovelle Gerth-Myers Post author

      Aww thank you so much for your sweet words Debbie! You are so correct, you are never to old to need parents. I didn’t know that but I think God did and that’s why He blessed me with my amazing parents. 🙂


  10. Donna Sacherich

    Hi! I have been so touched by your testimony and blog and your Mom’s Holley.
    As I think about tomorrow and mother’s day, I am also reminded that there are ‘motherless children or children who will also not see their mothers/grandmothers tomorrow. But these children, like some mothers and fathers, have a heavenly Father and substitute spiritual mothers, under the Father’s gracious eye and care. As I was responding to an uplifting email this morning from one of my own spiritual daughters, God began to birth this new poem via me, tying it in with my broken hip recovery, now almost a year, as of May 28th. I won’t be seeing any of my 3 married children or their children tomorrow, but I will be with spiritual sisters, etc. and be by the side of My Heavenly Father, and Jesus, a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Caringly, Donna S of comeuphigher

    The Saddened Bird with the Broken Wing!

    I was as the shy eaglet with the broken wing;
    The one who had fallen fast from high in the sky;
    Dragging my appendage with my crippling cries,
    Remaining under His and Heaven’s watchful eye!

    It was hard to watch, and to see my sisters soar,
    While I remained firmly tethered to the solid ground.
    I had fallen hard from my Mother’s nest so high;
    Landing stunned, and flightless, without a sound!

    I found the scattered seeds on my new found space;
    Where chickens roamed and saw my needy plight.
    They warned me of staying very close to my Master,
    As daylight changed about us to a darkened night.

    Then I felt the Majestic hand of gentle touch;
    As He very carefully placed me by His side.
    Gradually healing the dragging, tattered wing;
    Teaching Me daily, directing me in Him, ‘Child abide’.

    His light and touch permeated every Being part,
    Restoring hope and thoughts with His glory to rise,
    Could it be I’d soar once again with Heaven’s help;
    Leaving those other birds, and even me, surprised?

    First came fluttering in my heart and in a wing so torn;
    Bringing flooding thoughts of Him, to flying so divine,
    I had now daily learned on Him to wait, on His best time;
    Until He said,”You are healed now, because you’re Mine!”

    Via Donna S.5-06-16

    Isaiah 40:31 “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with the wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

    Matthew 10:29-31 New International Version (NIV)

    29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.[a] 30 And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

    Thy times are in My hands: Psalm 31:15a KJV

    (Watch for a Proverbs 31 article also; and for some, a Jacquie Lawson Mother’s Day Card)

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