More Dependence and Less Independence

When my husband and I first got our dog Buford, he was as independent as could be. The neglect he received from his previous owners had put him in survival mode. He wouldn’t really play, and often we would find him in another room.

He didn’t seem at ease or happy, either. In order to get him to stay in the room we were in we would have to bring out his bed because that was his safety net.

We have had Buford a couple months, and boy has he changed! His sadness has turned into a smile and he is a total attention hog. If he doesn’t get enough attention we know because he will be in our face with his cute little doggie grin.

Our dog sees us as his safety net. He knows that as long as he has us he will never be hurt again. He has learned that he can ask us for anything and we will give it to him, even if it means taking a pretty inconvenient  potty break at 3am.

Need Our Creator

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The funny thing is that our loving God works the same way. Imagine how much better things would be if we let God take control of everything in our lives?!? The bible says that you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven unless you are like a little child {Matt. 18:3}

What if we just seek God out to meet all our needs? What if we were like little children {or my dog} and completely dependent on Him as if he were our owners???

You see, The world says that growing up means you are more independent. My father says that growing up means I become more dependent.

This last sunday my pastor made an amazing statement that really cut deep. He said, “our hearts are meant to be ruled but when ruled by things other than God, it leaves room for sin.” 

God isn’t a convenience. He is a necessity but unfortunately this life can get pretty busy which causes us to lose sight of where exactly God is supposed to be in our life. Lately God has put me in a position where I am forced to depend on Him.

He opened my eyes to some things that took precedence and He took them off of my hands. I can control all I want but the end result will get me nowhere good.

Giving up control means letting God have responsibility and saying good-bye to worries.

Is there anything in your life that is currently taking precedence before God? Are you like me, struggling with giving over control? Take heart because God is still there. His arms are open wide. His yoke is easy to bear and his burden is light {Matt 11:30}.

~ Lovelle ❤

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