Living a Memorable Life

Whenever I was a young girl I would step through the doors of  my cozy house and almost immediately, my grandfather would speak the words, “dać mi buzi” {it means give me a kiss in Polish}.

My grandfather was quite the amazing man. Besides providing the best parental love a little 8 year old could ask for,  he also served his country in North Korea and Vietnam. He would tell me stories of his journeys and although he was too humble to say it, his stories described how he selflessly gave his life for his country.


The funny thing about my grandfather, is that he did more than just sacrifice his time and effort for The United States of America. My grandpa sacrificed his life and he saved mine.

When I was 8 it was my grandfather and grandmother that took me out of the horrible foster care system in California. Although both of them should have been retired, they decided to sacrifice their lives to make mine better. I  can tell you right now that THE ONLY reason I was able to get through the abuse that I had to endure is because their example beforehand.

In the four years I had with my grandpa, I saw nothing but selfless service to those around him. When the snow would hit, he would be the first one shoveling not only his driveway, but our neighbors as well. When I would get hurt, he would bandage up my scrapes and bruises, and hold me until I stopped crying.

He attended every event and never failed to cheer me on and I saw the selfless love he had towards my grandma on a regular basis.

Here’s where the sad part comes in… I wish I could say that my grandfather is alive and well. Oh how I would love to sit here and tell you that I am able to “give him a kiss” every time I walk through the doors of what used to be our cozy house but I can’t. 

My grandfather died on February 15, 2004 from a brain tumor caused by radiation that he was exposed to during his service in the Air Force. I watched my grandfather die for six months and let me just say it was one of the the hardest things I have ever had to witness. My grandfather literally sacrificed his life for his country.

We won that war because of people like him. He may have came out of the war alive, but he was actually slowly dying from the radiation. We hear stories of PTSD, lost limbs, and other horrifying things that happen to people because they cared about people they don’t know but decided to sacrifice for our safety anyway.

My grandparents actions, and those of many others taught me a very valuable lesson. Their actions showed me what it means to live a memorable life. It’s loving those around you and being selfless at all times.

That can be done by giving money to a homeless man, providing food for someone in need, helping an older lady walk down the street, it really doesn’t matter what it is. The only thing that matters is that you cared enough to do something for someone other than yourself.

Memorial Day

{These graphics are free for you to enjoy}

Today I want to celebrate the life that my grandfather and so many more people lived on and off the battlefield. I refuse to be sad but instead I choose to be ever so grateful for their courageous sacrifice for me. The least I can do is follow in their footsteps by living a memorable life like they have done.  Happy Memorial Day…

~Lovelle ❤

5 thoughts on “Living a Memorable Life

  1. Mari Mayborn

    Thank you for sitting down to write this.
    I so needed to read of the love your grandparents showed you—and so many around them. I appreciate you sharing how much it hurts to have your grandfather gone and yet honoring him by encouraging me to live with my heart turned toward loving and serving others. Just as he did.
    My heart so needed this today. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person


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