What My Mother Means to Me

With my hands pressed together as hard as they could and my knees on the carpet I cried out in desperation, “Please Lord, give me a family. I don’t want to be alone anymore.

That horrible night was almost three years ago and God did answer my prayers because He gave me the most amazing family I could ever ask for. I am so thankful for my past because it has given me an appreciation for my mother that I don’t think I would have otherwise.

It has made me realize just how important my mother is to me.


My mother is a great example of faith. Her ability to wait 10 years for a child just amazes me. It shows her patient endurance. When the world was saying, “you’re not good enough,” my mom was there waiting and through her actions God spoke to my heart. He said, “daughter, you are blessed.

My mother lives her life as the hands and feet of Jesus, touching everyone she comes into contact with. It could be through her radiant smile, the books she writes, or the one-on-one conversations she has with someone who just needs a listener.


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My past has taught me to expect the worst, but my mother always reminds me that just like God, I should see the best in people. Whenever I assume bad things, my mom gently reminds me that I don’t know the person’s thoughts so I don’t know if their actions were truly meant for me. “Remember” she always says, “It’s not about you. A lot of times, their actions are affected by what they are going through.”

The funny thing about my mom is that she is so humble; I don’t think she realizes just how awesome she is! I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change a thing. My mom was worth all of the abuse I endured and every night I cried myself to sleep.

She was worth every bit of pain I felt. I know now that God had a plan. It was in the broken pieces of my life that God led my mother to me. 

This Mothers Day I want to say that like all moms out there, mine is pretty awesome and man, am I beyond blessed! To all you mothers and mine too, you are sooo appreciated. We may not say it nearly as much as we should, but we need you.

You are so great and your actions do impact our lives. I pray that this mothers day you find peace and realize just how much you do affect your children in a good way. I know that my mom has certainly impacted me. 

8 thoughts on “What My Mother Means to Me

  1. rlwagner123

    I am so glad that God brought you and your mother together! It’s evident that both of you are writing with joy-filled hearts! And, that for both of you, the pain of waiting was worth it! It’s hard to trust God while waiting on His timing. Our culture steers us toward a “quick fix” for everything! I have a daughter in her early 30’s who is a “waiting mother-to-be.” Thanks for your encouragement as a “once-was waiting daughter.”

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  2. Denise

    Lovelle, I can truly relate to the gratefullness you have for the gift of your Mom. I was adopted last year, at the age of 28(!)… Gods perfect timing, and I agree that the pain and waiting was worth it for the Mom God chose for me. Rejoicing with you at the gift of a momma!❤️

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    1. Lovelle Gerth-Myers Post author

      That is SOOO AWESOME Denise! I am so happy for you! I have this decor on my wall that says “It’s never too late to live happily ever after” and every time I look at it now I think of you and how God’s promise proved true! I am so happy you found parents too! This makes my heart SOO HAPPY! Thanks for sharing!



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