The True Definition of Leadership

I have seen plenty of leaders in my lifetime…

I have seen ones that lift you up, encourage you, and help you to become your best.

I’ve seen leaders that dehumanize you. They say hateful things that knock down your self-esteem in attempts to force you to submit to their authority.

I’ve seen ones that genuinely care about you, make you better, and really push you to succeed.

But sadly, I’ve also seen leaders who take advantage of their position, and the purpose of the organization becomes lost; the organization is no longer a” we”, instead, it’s a “me”.

I am thankful for my experiences with leadership because it has taught me what kind of leader I should be. 

For the longest time I was taught that leadership meant submitting to an authority, even if they were wrong in their actions. But now I know how that this is not the way it is meant to be.

A good leader is a servant. The higher their position, the more they should be willing to serve.

A leader is respectful, caring, kind, and approachable. They are open-minded and humble in everything they do. They can respectfully and professionally resolve conflicts. A leader knows what not to say, when to walk away, and when to speak up.

A leader looks to God when making decisions, not themselves, and not Man.

I’ve always known that I was a leader, but until recently I didn’t really know what that involved. Through a lot of prayer, and good and bad situations, I have learned my purpose in my leadership role.


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I am here to do what’s right and to stand up for the truth. I am here to remain humble and speak up for those who can’t do it themselves.

I’m here to lift people up with encouragement, not knock them down. My words are not a weapon. They are an instrument of healing. 

As a leader, I am not above anyone else. I am simply a tool used in doing God’s will. Although I make mistakes, God teaches me to improve everyday. The most important thing that I have learned about leadership is that it is a gift from God, and it should be used as such.

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