The Beauty of a Smile

A smile comes so naturally. It’s a reflex that comes right before a positive moment. This movement is one that can be passed to others. It creates joy and positivity to everyone it’s around.

A smile is a wonderful thing! 

I love smiles because four years ago I didn’t know they existed. I remember being a broken, scared, and angry little girl with nothing to live for. I was constantly haunted by the abuse of my past. Life was like a battlefield

I had to be serious because I had to survive.

I was homeless in my beat up 1993 Chevy Cavalier balling my eyes out when Christ found me. My whole life was spent trying to prepare myself for the worst. I thought that if I took charge of everything then no one would hurt me again.

I tried to control the world around me but instead it was controlling me.

That night Christ broke the chains that the world had placed on me. It was that cold evening that I smiled for the first time in a long time. I realized that God loved me and he would protect me. I didn’t have to be scared anymore. There was no battle for me to fight because Christ was fighting it for me. With that realization came a reason to smile and it hasn’t stopped since. God loved me so much that He gave me happiness and it’s a gift I can never repay him for.

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Your smile was so important to God that he sent Christ to die for your sins. He died so you could smile and rejoice in your salvation not frown and be filled with unhappiness.

I cherish my smile because I spent so long without it so today I encourage you to cherish your smile too. There are millions of people out there who don’t know how it feels to smile. You can cherish your smile by passing it on. You are blessed and you are loved. Christ want’s you to remember that today. Smile because Jesus loves you!

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