Absolute Ambitions

A dream is defined as a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal and everyone has at least one.

A dream is that little reminder in your heart that tells you what you desire to accomplish is possible. It keeps you going when giving up seems like the best option. That little desire, followed with a “what if?” puts a smile on your face when it comes to mind. A dream fills your heart with determination and it is full of all sorts of possibilities.

Did you know that Faith and dreams go hand and hand?

You see, our Creator is involved in our dreams. HE is the one who puts that ambition in your heart.  When the world around you says it’s impossible he is the one whispering “My strength will sustain you my love”. He is the one who gives you peace when doubt tries to control you. He is the soft “yes” that you hear in a room full of people yelling “NO!”. The faith he gives is what keeps you pushing on. He want’s us to dream and if we have faith in his abilities, he will help us accomplish that ambition while bringing glory to his name.

For a long time I forgot about dreams. Life had taught me to be realistic so I followed the path that seemed the most sensible.

Now I look forward to what seems impossible because I know that God is in control. As you walk through today I encourage you to know that with God all things are possible. There is a reason that dream is tucked in you heart and your faith in God’s abilities will prove that he can make it come to pass.

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