Faith in the Unknown Future

Faith is believing in what you cannot see. It is trusting in the father of Heaven and knowing that wherever he sends you will be where you need to be. As I finish packing today I am reminded of my Father’s love and guidance He provides me with through the unknown. Every moment in this life is to be cherished.

Everywhere we look there is someone God can touch through us. 

To be used by God we must step out in faith and do the unthinkable.

We must be bold and have trust in our creator!

We have to follow God’s instructions with your eyes ahead of us looking only to the cross. We MUST forget any doubt and leave behind whatever is necessary so that we can accomplish our task


That may mean going up and praying for someone in a grocery store while all eyes are on us. It could involve giving money to the homeless guy on the street who may not smell very nice. It may be as simple as a smile to the co worker that has “had a bad day” written all over her face. It might even require us to pack our bags and head someplace completely foreign with only enough items to help us get by


As I drive away in my car that is so packed I can hardly see out the back window, I think of all of the prophets in the Bible who stepped out in faith and did what the Lord had asked of them.

They cherished every moment while on earth and listened to God’s still small voice in hopes that they could be used to prosper His kingdom.


I may not know what lies ahead at camp this summer but I know that God has it already planned out.

I will have faith in the unknown because this life is not my own.

As you finish off this day I encourage you to step out in faith. God loves you and will use you. There is something you can do wherever you are and He will show you as long as your eyes are focused on Him. You are loved more than you can possibly imagine. No job is to small. Always remember that it’s the all the little acts a person does that make the biggest difference. God can use you and you are exactly where God wants you.


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